Official Sun Safety PPE

Natural Sunscreen
Formulated Specially for Outdoor Workers

Philosophy of Formulation

Z24 was formed with the idea that having the best sun protection products on the market is just a start. You can have something special but if no one uses it, then what’s the point? Considering that a small overall number of outdoor workers use sun protection with a real commitment, we knew we had to look at it differently.

So here is what we think makes our mission different. First, we are not a sunscreen company. We provide safety education and training first. To construction workers, agricultural workers, utility linemen, military personnel,– and many more hard workers not making sun protection a real priority – and putting themselves and their families at risk. It is time for a real commitment by employers to embrace the health and safety of everyone.

So that leads to our second key belief; at Z24, we believe in promoting sunscreen as part of the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the workplace. As multi-generation employers in business we truly embrace the idea that people come first – and if they know you care, it makes a difference. We believe employers have a duty of care to help employees learn to protect themselves from the hazards of UV radiation. PPE is something everyone takes seriously – and it is time to add sun protection in a real way.