Official Sun Safety PPE

Founder and Leadership Team

  • Karen Marasigan

    Karen Marasigan, Founder and President

    Karen brings a multidisciplinary approach to business, safety, health and the environment.  As a former  environmental compliance manager with the Environmental Protection Agency and AT&T for 23 years, Environmental Science professor for the University of Phoenix and MBA graduate, she understands the importance of protecting health and safety of workers from environmental hazards.  On top of this, she brings a disciplined and focused approach to her life and her product line in assuring natural ingredients, no exposure to hazardous chemicals and no compromise on quality.  Coming from modest roots, Karen is the product of the American Dream, making her own way to success and in founding Andree Andres – named after her family members.

  • Mark Breslin

    Mark Breslin, Partner

    Mark is the product of a fourth-generation blue collar construction family and has done his share of outdoor work. He serves as CEO of one of the largest construction associations in the United States and is an author, influencer and public speaker to hundreds of thousands of workers around the US and Canada. His commitment to working people is his life…